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Passionate About Inspiring Others to their Authentic Selves

Working with horses taught me to be authentic.  It showed me how I stored the false self expectations of my parents, culture, profession, marriage, and more in my body, and how I carried that around with me every single day, whether I wanted to or not, whether I was aware of it or not.  Working with horses showed me some of the most simple ways of being authentic to myself.  I didn't need to know everything, or have everything figured out. I just needed to be authentic in whatever emotion and feeling was happening in the moment.  This was harder than it sounds.

I dove into studying equine connections, equine culture and horse-herd relationships.  I traveled to Arizona for three years and studied with author and teacher, Linda Kohanov.  I worked with my own horses, I worked with therapists, and I worked with people who had endured trauma. I worked with other equine practitioners, and developed a unique set of tools and skills I brought to my practice.  Every time I brought this experience to clients, I marveled at how authenticity, and presence in the body, created connection, and depth in other people's lives, through an often magical encounter with a non-human being (a horse).

I saw first hand people admit to trauma and grief that had long been held in the body.  I saw horses and people bond over feelings that couldn't be expressed in spoken language.  I grew to understand that helping my horses share their wisdom with others was one of the most powerful gifts I could offer for helping transform the world. 

Horses have been with us longer than almost any other being except dogs.  We have had horses as companions longer than we have been farmers, longer than there has been marriage, and longer than we have had any single language.  The bond that has been forged in our shared destiny runs deeply through that shared existence. 


I welcome you to come explore the trail of that shared majesty with me and the tribe of Epona.

Stacey Simmons PhD
  • PhD: University of New Orleans

  • MA: Pacifica Graduate Institute

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