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Horse sense

Horses have been with humans for 10,000 years. Human civilization would have been impossible without horses. Since the beginning of human culture, horses have carried our burdens, made our paths, waged war, and been part of our daily lives. Horse skills made men and women equal on the steppes of the Caucuses, bringing legends of warrior women and Amazons to the ancient world.  Our collaboration has lasted for thousands of years, only in the last hundred or so years have humans forgotten our debt to the horse world. At Epona, we wish to keep the connection alive, reinvigorate it for the current generation, and renew it for the generations to come.

When you walk the Way of the Horse you dedicate yourself to honoring the Earth and all of creation. You offer your human steps, words, and body to the service of those whose voices belong to the chorus of creation, a song that few humans can hear. We welcome anyone who wants to learn about the Way of the Horse. We offer everything from Equine Therapy, and Equine Experiential Learning, to Sacred Horse Rituals, that initiate dedicated practitioners to join the Sacred Herd of Epona.

Group therapy and group facilitation focus on interpersonal growth and the ability to coregulate with horses and other humans. Coregulation is the way of life for animals who live in herds and other social groups. Humans have been unlearning and disconnecting for decades. Connection with horses can help to renew our ability to connect with others, and with ourselves.

Join us in learning more about the Way of the Horse, and ways that you can learn about horses, horse sense, and a new way of being in the world, away from the culture of "owning" and into a relationship of collaboration, interdependence, and shared meaning.


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We all have a purpose. Most of us are afraid of it. We hide ourselves behind expectations and the kinds of safe dreams others have had for us. This kind of hiding actu...
Deep Work
1 hr 30 min
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